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Despite these relative freedoms, there are rules against getting too chummy with residents. At only 5'9'', but with a presence far bigger than his stature would suggest, Williams usually got to the office early and left late.He swept floors, shampooed the scuzz out of chairs, and even vacuumed the air vents above the nurses' desks, reaching high enough to expose a potbelly hanging over his jeans.

But to Boardman, it seemed there might be some truth to it.

Since its inception in 1990 as the first state-run civil-commitment center in the country, 63 residents have been released from the SCC because they were found to no longer meet, or to never have met, the criteria of a sexually violent predator.

Three years later she joined the Army, and then, after decades in intensive-care units and emergency rooms, went back to school for her master's in family nursing, eventually graduating from Tacoma's Pacific Lutheran University in 2003. "Sometimes, as a nurse, you get orders from doctors that you think aren't right.

I wanted to be able to do things my way." Shortly after graduation, while juggling a job as a case manager for injured soldiers returning from Iraq, Boardman found a role that allowed her that autonomy.

But that was just a rumor, so Boardman didn't suspect anything when Williams walked up to her desk that night in March. "I want to show you something." Boardman trailed Williams as he walked to the break room. " Later that night, sitting on the ferry that took her from work at Mc Neil to her apartment in Steilacoom, Boardman thought of her job and how much she wanted to keep it.

"Look up there," he said, pointing to a puddle on the ceiling where water had turned the acoustical tile a soggy gray. Despite mixed emotions—it was clear she had feelings for this man, but there must have been a reason he was locked up—she thought to herself that, for the good of her career, this would be the last time she would ever kiss Lawrence Williams. In fact, over the next four years, Boardman's relationship with Williams would only grow stronger.

Her father worked in insurance after a long career in the Navy, while her mother stayed at home.

"I was raised in a Christian family and a loving home," she says with a trace of an accent. Nobody sat around and drank or did drugs or just sloughed off.

"He doesn't belong here." What Boardman didn't know was that the file she read didn't contain the full story.

Larry Williams shares with his younger brother caramel-colored skin, a prodigious gut, and an unwillingness to talk about the past.

But because he kept their office spotless, everyone in the clinic treated Williams differently, as if he were their hungry little mascot, sneaking him home-cooked meals and Burger King Whoppers—even though giving residents food was also verboten.

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