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But that was just a rumor, so Boardman didn't suspect anything when Williams walked up to her desk that night in March. "I want to show you something." Boardman trailed Williams as he walked to the break room. " Later that night, sitting on the ferry that took her from work at Mc Neil to her apartment in Steilacoom, Boardman thought of her job and how much she wanted to keep it.

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We had everything we needed: religion, medical care, and education." As a kid, Boardman says she was a sponge who never sat still, soaking up all she could about hunting, fishing, boating, and the violin.

The only smudges on her memory come as a result of an abusive relative—a sensitive issue she only refers to vaguely as "my aunt-and-uncle situation"—and her parents' divorce.

For a week Williams called, but Boardman didn't answer.

Finally, on Easter Sunday, the fissure in her will cracked wide and she picked up the phone. How he'd grown up in the middle of four kids in the Central District.

How he felt neglected by his mother for being the third of three boys.

How she'd brought strange men to the house after his parents' separation and how seeing her with those men stoked an anger inside him he could hardly contain—the only relief coming when he used heroin, which he did for the first time at age 13. "Ya know," she says he said to her, "I really don't belong here." It was the ultimate jailhouse cliché.(SCC officials say they're unsure how many of those 63 have gone on to re-offend.) As a child of the South, Boardman also thought Williams might have gotten a raw deal because he was black.Those thoughts gave her pause, but she wasn't convinced until Williams challenged her: "Look at my file if you don't believe me," he told her. And while she can't remember exactly what was in it, she does remember what ran through her head shortly after reading it: "Oh my God, he's right," she thought.Whether biting her nails when nervous or tapping her foot when uncomfortable, Boardman gives the impression of an educated woman who has managed not to let that education rid her of her guilelessness.Or, as one friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity, bluntly puts it: "Barbara is book-smart and life-dumb." Boardman was born in Shreveport and raised primarily in Texas.When the father whom she idolized remarried, Boardman says she then began seeking a "dominant love to fill the void." Boardman's life until she met Williams had been a success in every measurable way, except for the one most important to her: finding someone with whom she could raise a family.

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