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So here are a few common scenarios to help you out.They say: I’m on the pill You say: I understand, but that won’t protect against STIs They say: I’ll pull out with plenty of time You say: As soon as you’re in, it’s too late They say: They don’t make condoms big enough You say: Don’t worry, they stretch!

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Also, keep in mind that alcohol and drugs can affect your ability to dicuss condom use, so don't leave this important conversation until you're already affected. Make sure you plan ahead and take a couple of condoms out with you. Talking about condoms has nothing to do with trust. The pill is a contraceptive only (stops you getting pregnant), so it won’t protect you against an STI.

If you’re having a one night stand, or the sex is unplanned, pull one out and say “condom? It doesn’t mean you don’t trust your partner (or vice versa! Anyone who has a sexual history can have an STI, even if you’ve only had sex with one other person, and even if you’ve only had oral sex. What will protect you from an STI AND an unplanned pregnancy? Make sure you chat about this too so you both know how to be as safe as possible.

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You might like to try illicit encounters - it's a discreet and confidential extra-marital dating service for women and men.

Keep in mind however that to avoid unwanted pregnancy you still need to use a contraceptive such as the pill.

Remember that most STIs have no symptoms, so you or your partner may have an STI without knowing it.The clever bit is that women can get 100% full membership and don't have to pay any fees at all.It's clever because the site is overflowing with older, sexy, willing and ready women.Don't pay for chat rooms - unless you can see exactly what you get for your money.UK chat sites are normally free to use, so be wary if someone asks you to pay.Thanks to, a popular USA based site, they are now geared up to help UK singles who are looking for other UK singles.

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