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Buyers are cautioned to check a business' accreditation and rating at the Better Business Bureau website directly.

Don't take their word for it because they wrote it in a free classified ad. Some have nothing good to say about it, and some swear by it.

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I am no longer accepting submissions on this topic. selling items I put up for sale a car hauler and i was looking for a pool handrail. Many of the electronics listed are at retail prices!!

both were flagged and removed yet both were in the correct spots, makes no sense. (sometimes even above rp) with no warranty of any kind. They post items way more expensive than you could get at a local store!!

" He was so worried and sounded so genuine that I send him his remaining back. " and when you answer "yes" then they never contact you again. I did, however, sell my fridge and dishwasher through Craigslist.

I rented a storage locker and sold them from there.

Just don’t sell anything illegal or stolen and you should be alright.

Craigslist Phoenix is where people who live in the Phoenix area or have an interest in Phoenix, Arizona can post and see free online classified ads. The craigslist offices are located in San Francisco.

This supposed program would protect the buyer should they not receive the items for which they paid.

The BBB has no such program; there is no such thing as a BBB Protection Program.

When I used the complaint lines to report this the result was they closed my account to me and accused me of being the scammer.

There is no customer service line you can try to straighten this out and the scammers send you emails threatening to kick you off Craigs List if you do not respond to their email links to confirm your account.

its funny they can remove a legit item but can't seem to get ride of the scammers who are forever trying to get you or screw up your computer.— Jack I frequently use Craigslist Hi there I am a "Craigslister".a happy one!! They flood the site and makes it hard to have a good experience.— Marcus No Luck I attempted to sell sporting equipment and electronics... I had more luck at my rummage sale.— Melissa People please wake up!!!! and they flood the site with this overpriced personal adds!!

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