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Zircon and rutile U-Pb-He double dating studies have shown the power of coupling these data with other geochemical characteristics or fingerprints (e.g., REE spectra, Hf isotopes, or trace-element thermometry) to further refine provenance signatures.

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(2) Geo- and Thermochronometry technique development, calibration, and bench marking, with special emphasis on development of new thermochronmeters (e.g., monazite, rutile, and magnetite) and novel applications (e.g., geoarcheology, isotopic provenance, etc.) Click here for link to (U-Th)/He Laboratory Site: Thermo-/Geochronology, Tectonics and Structural Geology, Isotopic Provenance Analysis, Archeometry, Geothermal Exploration, and Thermal Maturation 2010 - Apache Egypt. Collaborative Research: Development of extensional systems in regions of hot, thick crust: Insight from Tibet. $229,909.2011 - DOE Geothermal Technologies Program. Novel Coupled Thermochronometric and Geochemical Investigation of Blind Geothermal Resources in Fault- Controlled Dilational Corners, Dixie Valley, Nevada. 2010 - Ecopetrol-ICP Contract: Low-temperature thermochronological and neotectonic constraints from the Middle Magdalena Valley, Llanos basin, and Eastern Cordillera of Colombia (Phase 3). Detrital (U-Th)/He thermochronometry of the Llanos foreland basin, Colombia. Upgrade of the Laser Heating System for the (U-Th)/He laboratory at the University of Kansas.

Thermochronometric Investigation of the Thermal History and Maturation of Paleozoic strata of the Western Desert, Egypt. Collaborative Research: Timing, extent, and spatial progression of Neogene displacement transfer, southern Walker Lane, western Great Basin. $76,500.2008 - Ecopetrol-ICP Contract: Low-temperature thermochronological and neotectonic constraints from the Middle Magdalena Valley, Llanos basin, and Eastern Cordillera of Colombia (Phase 2). Contract: Servico en analysis de thermochronologi de baja temperature (U-Th/He en la Cordillera Oriental (Low-Temperature (U-Th)/He Thermochronometric Analyses in Eastern Cordillera, Colombia). Dating Zircon Survivors in Multi-cycle Arc Volcanoes: a new Tool for Predicting Long-term Magmatic Periodicity?

$193,313.2010 - DOE Geothermal Technologies Program. Detachment faulting and Geothermal Resources - An Innovative Integrated Geological and Geophysical Investigation of Pearl Hot Spring, Nevada. $817,000.2009 - Ecopetrol Contract: Low-temperature thermochronological and neotectonic constraints from the Middle Magdalena Valley, Llanos basin, and Eastern Cordillera of Colombia (Phase 1). Co-PI with Axel Schmitt (UCLA), $17,400.2007 - Navy Geothermal Program.

$4,242,519 (including $1,943,282 in external industry cost-share).2010 - DOD Geothermal Program Office. Thermochronometric Constraints on the Connection between Advection of Heat through Faulting and Nature of Geothermal Resource for the Hawthorne/Wassuk Range area, Nevada, $134,000.2006 - Apache Egypt Oil Contract. Development and calibration of rutile (U-Th)/He geo-and thermochronometry.

Mammoth Lakes, California (2005) Co-Director of IGL, Isotope Geochemistry Laboratories, University of Kansas (2003 - 2011) Invited Panelist and Forum Leader, Integrated Solid Earth Sciences workshop, GSA/AGU (2003) Integrated Solid Earth Sciences Member, pearheading database development for Geochronology and Thermochronology, Cyberinfrastructure workshop at the University of Kansas (2003 - 2011) Assistant professor (thermochronology/tectonics), Dept of Geology, University of Kansas (2001 - 2006) Editor, On Track, International fission-track newsletter, Stanford University (1996 - 1997) Teaching and research assistant, Dept of Geol and Environ Sciences, Stanford University (1995 - 1999) Teaching and laboratory assistant, Institute of Geology, ETH Zurich (1993 - 1995) Owen A Anfinson Specializes in the use of heavy mineral geochronology and thermochronology to understand the geologic evolution of sedimentary basins and their source regions. D.- New Insights into Arctic Tectonics: U-Pb, (U-Th)/He, and Hf Isotopic data from the Franklinian Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands; M. Konstantinos Soukis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) and Dr. My research aims to determine the structural history of Ios Island in the southern Greek Cyclades. D., expected 2017 Understanding the role of radiation damage on helium diffusion kinetics in zircon through the characterization of alpha-radiation damage by Raman spectroscopy a la Nasdala, et al 1995,2001,2004. D., expected 2016 My current research focuses on brittle deformation within the lower plate of metamorphic core complexes.

S.- Sediment Sources for Catastrophic Glacial Outburst Flood Rhythmites and Quaternary Eolian Deposits at the Hanford Reach National Monument, Washington; B. The southern Cyclades can provide key information to understanding the development of the Aegean microplate during Cenozoic subduction of the African slab. I am using a combination of structural analysis and apatite (U-Th)/He dating to determine the fault-slip history along low-angle normal faults (LANFs). research at the University of Kansas investigated the timing and linkages of normal faulting and its influence on Early Miocene sedimentation in the Gulf of Suez rift-basin.

In summary, modern detrital U-Pb-He dating of accessory phases is ideally suited to reconstruct the complete tectonic evolution of hyper-extended continental margins, as syn-rift basins tend to archive a more complete record of evolution of the margin compared to bedrock thermal histories that are prone to thermal overprinting or loss to erosion.

The Mauleon Basin of the Western Pyrenees is an ideal hyper-extended basin for this study due to extreme crustal thinning during Cretaceous rifting followed by Pyrenean reactivation.

In doing so I employ a range of thermochronometers including apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He and 4He/3He techniques to elucidate the thermal and tectonic evolution of extensional provinces, and to record thermal events associated with fluid flow.

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