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The German government confirmed on Wednesday that it had suffered a large cyberattack which infiltrated federal computer networks.Citing anonymous sources, German news agency dpa had earlier reported that the Russian hacking group APT28 had placed malware in a government network and infiltrated both the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry.

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The sources said the malware could have remained in the government's networks for as long as a year before the government discovered the breach in December.

Security services reportedly allowed the malware to remain in the system until Wednesday to try and gather information about the attack and who was responsible. Official confirmation The German Interior Ministry confirmed the attack without confirming the identity of the perpetrators.

After the army’s defection, Ceausescu and his wife fled from Bucharest...

On this day in 1979, Darryl Zanuck, the powerful Hollywood studio chief and producer behind a long list of classic movies, including The Grapes of Wrath, All About Eve and The Longest Day, dies at age 77 in Palm Springs, California.

On this day, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Washington, D. for a series of meetings with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on a unified Anglo-American war strategy and a future peace.

Now that the United States was directly involved in both the Pacific and European wars, it was incumbent upon...The cigar-chomping, womanizing Zanuck was a force in the...On this day, writer Fyodor Dostoevsky is led before a firing squad and prepared for execution.The Romanian army defects to the cause of anti-communist demonstrators, and the government of Nicolae Ceausescu is overthrown.The end of 42 years of communist rule came three days after Ceausescu’s security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Timisoara.Their respective vessels, the Alfred, Columbus, ...

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