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Many types of firewalls are available, differentiated partly by price, but also on features and performance.

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This may seem innocuous, but if the attacker discovers your machine he may then attack your service, knowing what weaknesses it has.

In addition to providing protection from Internet-based attacks, sensitive information must be protected.

There may already be firewalls in the environment that can be reused and routers that can have a firewall feature set installed.

Your ISP can often implement firewall restrictions on your link, such as , i.e.

Some blocking can be done by recognizing by default that certain packets are illegal, others by configuring the firewall to block them.

The TCP/IP protocol was designed many years ago, without any concept of hacking or intrusion, and it has many weaknesses.If you install a perimeter firewall and look at the log of intrusions, you will be surprised by the volume.Most of these intrusions are just probes to see if your machine responds and to find out what services you are running.It also gives you guidance in determining your own requirements and helps you to select the most appropriate product.Before reading this module, you should have an understanding of the TCP/IP protocol, your own network architecture, and in particular the devices in your perimeter network.From the knowledge provided in this module and the technical terminology, you should be able to discuss with firewall manufacturers the products they can provide and evaluate their suitability for your requirements.

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