Router firewall and validating identity

Although a firewall offers protection for your network, it also costs money and creates an impediment to traffic flow, so you should look for one that is as cost effective and efficient as possible.

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Later on this module, the firewalls are grouped into classes to differentiate them, but before selecting a firewall, you need to determine what your requirements are, taking the following considerations into account: What is the available budget?

Every firewall in the environment should provide the highest possible level of service while remaining cost-effective, but be aware of the resultant damage to your business if the firewall is too restricted by cost.

From the knowledge provided in this module and the technical terminology, you should be able to discuss with firewall manufacturers the products they can provide and evaluate their suitability for your requirements.

Network intrusions from both internal and external users occur with increasing frequency, and protection from these intrusions must be established.

In order to handle the change, you need to select a firewall solution that can scale up as the throughput increases, either by adding more components to your firewall, or by installing another firewall in parallel. Based on risk assessments conducted against the services provided in your organization, you can determine which firewall features are required to protect the assets that provide the services.

If VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are required, then this will affect the design.In This Module Objectives Applies To How To Use This Module Design Guidelines System Attacks and Defense Device Definition Firewall Features Firewall Classes Class 1 - Personal Firewall Class 2 - Router Firewall Class 3 - Low-end Hardware Firewall Class 4 - High-end Hardware Firewall Class 5 - High-end Server Firewall Perimeter Firewall Usage Perimeter Firewall Rules Hardware Requirements Firewall Availability Security Scalability Performance Consolidation Standards and Guidelines Summary References This module helps you to select a suitable firewall product for your organization's perimeter network.It presents the different classes of available firewalls and highlights their significant features.If you install a perimeter firewall and look at the log of intrusions, you will be surprised by the volume.Most of these intrusions are just probes to see if your machine responds and to find out what services you are running.Consider the downtime costs in your organization if the service is suspended by a denial of service attack.

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