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Find an older man Maybe looks aren't everything to you and you are after an interesting older man, or you would really like to meet a kind older man.Well, there are plenty of kind mature men available.

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There are many good looking older men and many a good looking single older man in Porthcawl who want to be in a relationship.

Perhaps you have said I wish I could find me an older partner in Porthcawl.

She said: 'I had my nails done in a salon, two days later there was a pulsing pain in my thumb on my left hand.'I went back to the salon and they refused to take it off, in the end I had to have it removed in the hospital.'I had an infection in my nail.

It was so bad that I had an abscess under my nail.'I had an X-ray and I was told that if the infection had spread to the bone then I could have lost my thumb.'I am now on antibiotics for the pain but that isn't working.' Ms Wilson was on a probation period at her new job, but has now lost her job due to absence.

She now has to have an operation to remove the abscess .

The mother-of-four described the pain as 'worth than childbirth'.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

A mother-of-four could lose the use of her thumb after a set of acrylic fake nails left her with an infected abscess 'more painful than childbirth'.

Well you are in the right place, with a wide selection on offer, some looking for love, some partnership, some friendship, some marriage. There are plenty of good looking and generous local older 50 plus men for you to choose from.

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