Restore a ipod touch without updating

Fone Paw i OS System Recovery does well in this case to restore i Phone and i Pad in recovery mode, disabled i Phone/i Pad to normal status.

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"Can I restore my i Phone 6s without updating to i OS 11?

i Tunes said it would restore and update to the latest software.

Follow the way below to check whether it works for you.. Then, the program will repair your i Phone or i Pad to the normal status.

Note: If you don't want to update to the newest OS, you can choose the previous version in the list but if Apple closes the entrance to get that i OS version, you must upgrade at that time.

I think I got some sort of virus on it, but I called Apple and they said to restore it. Click on your device, it should open up to the tab labeled Summary. In the second box down from the top labeled Version, there are two options, you can check for an update, or Restore.

I just got my i Pod yesterday, and am kind of bummed that the apps aren't working :( Thanks a million, Techman I've never had to do it, but here's how.

I didn't find an option to cancel or pass it since I don't want to i OS 11 so quickly which may be not so stable now. "Usually, updating i OS to the latest version is the best solution for making full use of Apple's operating system.

However there are some cases you may need to reset i Phone without updating, for example, you are using ajailbroken i Phone and you don't want to lose the ability to jailbreak.

This does, unfortunately, mean you won’t be able to use it to downgrade i OS 11.2 or above to i OS 11.1.2 (at the moment).

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