Reading body language in dating tilt head

It’s actually a very common fantasy, you are not alone.If you express in your fantasy what turns you on about it and how it makes you feel, your guy will definitely tune in to the fact that you want to be ravished rather than assaulted.

When it comes to the hottest and kinkiest sex tips, You Queen Magazine has all the dirty secrets.

Here are 30 raunchy ideas, guaranteed to improve your sexual reputation and make your man's mouth drop in awe!

Chances are he’s not going to be able to get them out of his head, that’s for sure! There are many women who have rape fantasies; I’ve certainly had my fair share of fantasising about being savagely overpowered and taken by a man!

If you’re anything like me then you will probably feel too inhibited to write about such a thing for your man to read.

so come and explore the levels of sexual satisfaction you could be reaching in your relationship with my 30 hot sex tips.

By the time you have finished, your man will definitely label you the best sex he’s ever had.

Before we start though, I want you to promise me three things, repeat after me…The most important thing I want you to remember as you are flicking through my 30 sex tips, is that sex is about enjoying yourself and letting go.

Once you have conquered that, it won’t matter what techniques you use in bed, your man will thoroughly enjoy your sexual energy anyway and the creativity and confidence you bring to bed with you will be a lucky bonus.

Synopsis: I caught my friend Scott fucking my girlfriend.

Instead of busting into the room swinging, I\'ll exact my revenge in the most hurtful, soul-destroying way possible.

Okay, let’s get started…The secret to getting your man excited is in getting yourself riled up first! There is nothing more sexy and hot to a man than a woman who doesn’t need warming up and is ready to pounce on him of her own accord.

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