Rapid growth of online dating services

Dharma Date was designed initially to meet the needs of Buddhist singles living in the West.But its founders also hope that the service will help bridge the gap between Asian and Western Buddhists.

Rapid growth of online dating services Fuck single wpmen

At the same time, online dating has moved from the last resort of the computer savvy and socially awkward into the mainstream.

In 2003, Match.com, the largest dating site, had more than 9 million active members, almost 5% of the US population.

Since then, we have gained millions of registered users and currently have a lot of active users worldwide.

Our short-term goal is to expand our successful concept of social dating in the western European countries, with the objective of providing a safe and entertaining site where users can chat, meet new people and even find romance.

Buddhism has shown similar growth throughout the Americas and in Europe.

Yet, many Western Buddhists may have limited access to a local Dharma center and, as a result, they may meet few other practitioners in their daily lives.

The pair decided to collaborate on a way to use the internet to help bring Buddhists together.

They came up with the concept for Dharma Date and then provided financing for the service from their personal funds.

During its launch period, the service is offering various incentives to encourage new members to create an ad on the site.

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