Rapid growth of online dating services

And, people who are not single can use the site to meet new friends, perhaps in a country they would like to visit.

Our dream is to see a strong online community of Buddhist laypeople spanning the globe who can offer each other friendship, support and encouragement to practice Dharma and live lives according to Buddhist principles, said Curren.

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Since being appointed Director in 2005, Andrey has proven himself to be a true leader for «Wamba».

It was in that same year that the Company saw a rapid growth and enjoyed market leader status in online dating.

Dharma Date was designed initially to meet the needs of Buddhist singles living in the West.

But its founders also hope that the service will help bridge the gap between Asian and Western Buddhists.

The pair decided to collaborate on a way to use the internet to help bring Buddhists together.

They came up with the concept for Dharma Date and then provided financing for the service from their personal funds.

- In a sign of the times, Buddhists now have their own online dating site.

Launched in February, Dharma Date, at aims to bring together Buddhist laypeople from around the world for friendship, dating and marriage.

Dharma Date will also donate a percentage of profits to support Buddhist groups.

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