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This means that if the manufacturer puts their name in the banner, we can search by it. One of my favorites is webcamxp, and when we type this into the Shodan search engine, it pulls up links to hundreds, if not thousands, of web-enabled webcams around the world! Although some of these webcams are unprotected, many of them will require authentication.

The first step is to try the default username and password.

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Africa is one of the world's most romantically fantasized and intriguing places. The multitude of landscapes, the exotic creatures, the simplicity of its people.

Many of the greatest stories ever told took place in Africa.

Watch closely as wildlife frequent this area to get a drink.

This camera gives an amazing view of the Olifants River with a full view of the gorgeous scenery.

Africa is also believed the be the birthplace of man.

What better way is there to view such an amazing place other than through these webcams available here live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure you don’t fall victim to these vulnerabilities, here are some tips to remember: Ultimately there is a very easy fix, just cover that lens up! I never understood why webcam and laptop manufacturers still haven’t designed a simple sliding panel to cover the lens when not in use.

This helps ensure no one is looking when you are not using your webcam.

How Webcams Are Attacked Many users get Trojan horse attacks by opening infected files or attachments, especially received by email.

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