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The first peak of SC24 was around 2 years ago where we saw a Sun reach its peak totally dominated by the northern hemisphere, since then there has been a gradual decline in the north to a point where now the south has nearly completely taken over and is attempting to reach a peak similar to the north 2 years ago.

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Radiocarbon dating inconsistencies

The full paper can be downloaded for free at: Information.aspx?

paper ID=36513&#reference Official Paper downloads: Back in 2008 I made a prediction for SC24 based on what I think are solid foundations.

To compare solar cycles we can also use the F10.7 radio flux values that have been recorded since 1947 in Canada.

Solar cycle 20 was a weak cycle which is currently looking strong against solar cycle 24.

The Waldmeier correction factor needs to be around 20-22% along with other factors affecting the modern count.

The new method of scaling the existing SISLO V2 sunspot record will allow the LSC to continue and to be utilised for comparison of SC24/25 to SC5/6.My predictions show that SC24 will be similar to SC5.The same Solar system forces are in play at similar timings and strength (SC24 perhaps showing a stronger disruption strength, which indicates that SC24 should be a smaller cycle than SC5).The Layman's Sunspot Count has moved from a daily count to a Quarterly update because of a Computer failure with daily updates being unworkable.The good news is we have almost a whole solar cycle of data that can be compared to the SILSO V2 Sunspot Count.By applying a factor of .43 (instead of .6) we get a very good match.

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