Rachael taylor dating 2016

I like you as a person.” I think that’s very meaningful to Trish.

In 2015, she began playing the character Trish Walker on the Netflix series Jessica Jones. She joined the cast of the TV remake of Charlie's Angels.

She briefly dated actor Matthew Newton, but ended the relationship because of constant disputes and reports of domestic violence. She was in the frightening film See No Evil with wrestler Kane.

Taylor: It comes from -- This is kind of speculative but also some of the things I built into the first season. You know, Jessica was the first person to really love Trish for who she was.

I remember looking at different child stars and seeing…

I think the gesture of taking the pill -- for Trish, part of her shadow personality is that there’s a certain covetous part of her.

I think she covets some of the things that Jessica has.

We just found out about the second season today and this is my first show that’s gone to a second season so I’m super stoked.

I already feel like I have more than my share, in a way, being on Netflix, being in the Marvel Universe, being on this show that has resonated so deeply with people. [Laughs] It’s already a privilege to play a history that has so much lineage within the Marvel universe and to take it that one step further, is something that, yeah…

I do think there’s a part of her that would love to make it right in the way that she thinks Jessica could make it right if she was just to overcome her dysfunctions and put down the bottle. Taylor: I try not to get ahead of myself and think about it too much because it’s easy to get carried away and think about things.

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