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Added: Master Detail demo that demonstrates master-detail relationships with new preview row widget feature. Fixed: The QWidget embedding mechanism is reworked on QGraphics Scene. Fixed: The width of the column is lost if you hide it and then immediately show it. Fixed: Cant't drag-drop selected rows to the empty area.

Version 5.4.0 Fixed: Grid does not compile under Qt4. Fixed: The search for fields that contain the date and time does not work correctly. Fixed: "Delete row" action does not remove all selected rows in multi-selection mode.

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Fixed: Removed hover effect on the quick selection checkboxes.

Fixed: Rubber band selection for horizontal layout.

Allows to reload your qml scene when a file in your workspace changes.

This can be done on the same host using the Qml Live Bench or on a remote device using the Qml Live Runtime using the Qml Live Bench as server. Qml Live Bench will observe all file changes in the directory and all sub-directories.

Fixed: Sometimes cell does not have content in cardview.

Fixed: The background of the cell overlaps the selection. Added: The ability to open/close the Preview Row with the plus/minus button. Added: Ability to install a pattern-picture to the Grid Theme Manager.

Allows the placement and control of a QWeb Page's inspector.

The inspector can display a page's hierarchy, its loading statistics and the current state of its individual elements.

') # リッチテキストを使用していることを教えてやります msg Text Format(Qt. Rich Text) # 補助的なテキストを追加 msg Informative Text("This is important question for us.") # 詳細を表示するためのボタンができて、押すとテキストエリアが開いて表示されます msg Detailed Text("We are really looking forward to hearing from you.") yes Button = msg Button(QMessage Box. No) msg Box.exec_() # 押されたボタンを取得 clicked Btn = msg Box.clicked Button() if clicked Btn == yes Button: print("yay! ") max = 100 progress Dialog = QProgress Dialog("Progress...", "Cancel", 0, max, self) progress Window Title("Progress Dialog") for count in range(max 1): q App.process Events() if progress Canceled(): break progress Value(count) progress Label Text("Progress...

%d %%" % count) time.sleep(0.1) # テキスト入力ができるダイアログ表示 response = QInput Text(self, "Input Text", "Input text here.") # コンボボックスで選択させるダイアログ表示 response = QInput Item(self, "Select Item", "Select item from the combo box.", ["item1", "item2", "item3", "item4"], editable=False) class My Dialog(QDialog): def __init__(self, parent = None, f = 0): super(My Dialog, self).__init__(parent, f) #----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Layout #----------------------------------------------------------------------- main Layout = QVBox Layout() Layout(main Layout) #----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Image #----------------------------------------------------------------------- image Widget = QLabel() image Pixmap(QPixmap(LOGO_IMAGE)) main Widget(image Widget) #----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Description #----------------------------------------------------------------------- description = QLabel("This is coustom dialog.") main Widget(description) #----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Text input #----------------------------------------------------------------------- self._input Widget = QLine Edit() main Widget(self._input Widget) #----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Buttons #----------------------------------------------------------------------- button Area = QHBox Layout() main Layout(button Area) button Stretch() ok Btn = QPush Button("OK") button Widget(ok Btn) ok Btn.clicked.connect(self.accept) cancel Btn = QPush Button("Cancel") button Widget(cancel Btn) cancel Btn.clicked.connect(self.reject) def get Input Text(self): return self._input Widget.text() dialog = My Dialog() response = dialog.exec_() if response == QDialog.

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