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The save states are located at /mnt/sdcard/nds4droid/States on your device (that is, in the nds4droid folder on your SD card).

From here, you can move them back and forth from your computer; they are binary compatible with De Smu ME so you should have no problem continuing from where you left off.

This contains the most frequently asked questions regarding nds4droid. Navigate to where you put your ROMs (try the Downloads folder if you downloaded them on your phone) and select one!

Please read this before rating the application one star and getting in a tizzy! Well here’s the thing: you’re emulating two discrete CPUs in software on a device whose primary purpose is to make phone calls.

If you can translate to a language that isn’t already done, or have some changes for an existing translation, feel free to submit them to me.

Here is the file that should be translated: aren’t you just a precious little snowflake… This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

Most of the sections have been previewed by the membership of the Texas Cartridge Collectors Association and more recently by the membership of the Intemational Ammunition Association.

Thanks to the many collectors who took the time to point out errors and improvements in those pre-publications.

Special thanks to Robert Buttweiler for the use of his Bibliography and to Jean Bonnebaight for developing the List of Clubs.

Dick S., Houston As your collection grows, you will come across cartridges that you cannot identify, even with the aid of a relatively comprehensive reference library.

Until you can run the game at full speed normally a fast forward feature won’t work. 11 Why are you so sure so-called “dynarecs” are faster?

Dynamic recompaliation is not some sort of magical pixie dust.

The best way is simply to use the USB mass storage option on your phone.

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