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so you might want to validate your XML for following reasons 1 Wether it is in proper format or not 2 The node hierarchy is OK,or 3 If the data-types are correct in the XML Now to validate an XML you must have something against which u can validate it..

Xml Text Reader(tr); // Create a new Xsl Transform class System.

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We let you and your team connect to the people visiting your web properties, in real time.

Like a warm-blooded salesperson or phone operator, we let you ask your customers, "How can I help?

You'll still have to take photos and write a description, but you'll receive funds immediately after the auction ends.

Landlords may be interested in buying your small business's onsite assets if it's a restaurant, bakery or food preparation business.

Assets are listed on the balance sheet in order of liquidity.

An embedded live chat solution for your website and mobile platforms.

To support template editing, expose template data in the System.

My overall goal is to display the XML document in a browser will all the Base64 sections converted to Ascii (UTF-8).

Lucas makes a choice between the girls but Maya interrupts him, saying that he chose Riley.

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