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Student loan refinancing can save you thousands, but it is not always the right choice.

The federal student loan program has four income-driven plans: If you have multiple federal loans and a variety of interest rates, consolidating your loans can be the way to go.

Federal loan consolidation isn’t the same as refinancing.

If you’d rather not extend your repayment plan, you can choose shorter terms, such as 10 years.

You can also choose an income-driven repayment plan after you consolidate your loans.

For example, if your adjusted gross income is $40,000 and the poverty line is $25,000, your discretionary income is $15,000.

With income-driven repayment plans, repayment terms are either 20 or 25 years, after which the balance is forgiven (if not paid off) and you’re no longer responsible for it.

Commercial banks that refinance student loans include Citizens Bank and Darian Rowayton Bank.

As noted, many student loan refinancing companies are start-ups or smaller businesses.

Usually, you also end up with a lower interest rate or with a payment plan that allows you to make smaller monthly payments over a longer period of time.

If you have a high interest rate or burdensome monthly payment, refinancing can help.

These companies often offer perks and advantages not provided by commercial banks.

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