Problems updating flash media player

So, you could only update your virtual BIOS that way, theoretically. Was it a Free DOS compatibility issue with your brand of motherboard? Note that this is a good article because it's specific and informative, even if it didn't work for *you*. Gents: For the technical minority this BIOS-flashing discussion evidently is useful. you can flash a motherboard from linux, without using your stupid windows tools, jerks.But, I'm quite sure it's pointless and wouldn't work. he didn't do this to get dugg, he did it to help people. If you are a Linux user, the title communicates to you exactly what you need to know.First we need to make a bootable CD image, and then burn it.

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Suddenly, you need to update the BIOS on your motherboard to support some new piece of hardware, but typically the motherboard vendor is offering only DOS based BIOS flash utilities. So, all you need is a bootable floppy disk image with Free DOS kernel on it.

We are fortunate that guys at FDOS site have prepared one suitable for us.

Replace the on the "standard" 2.88 image with the 3-liner from the "oem" 1.44 image: ? It should've been titled "How to flash motherboard BIOS when only OS you have installed is Linux (no DOS/Windows), and you don't even have floppy drive? Why it's that so important that in the end you flash the BIOS from Free DOS? I'm very happy that the article helped you to do your job.

", but I decided that it would be too long so I shortened it and made a mistake(? Because Free DOS does all the work of flashing with the BIOS vendor flash utility, you didn't show us how to do it directly from linux. I had to upgrade an old machine that did not have Windoze or a floppy disk. That's exactly what I tried to accomplish when I decided to write on the subject.

Use the OEM Bootdisk version, the one with just kernel and, because it leaves more free space on disk for the flash utility and new BIOS image.

You can also find a local copy of this image attached at the end of this article.

A lot of vendors ship compressed floppy images as exe file (how to extract bios upgrade from there if not by using dosemu). Yes, it's true that in the end you flash the BIOS from the Free DOS, but why's that so important?

What I wanna know, would it be possible to create floppy image, insert boot menu to grub/lilo to boot from it and then flash bios? Either way, there just isn't a way of upgrading bios without at least some kind of dos, whether it's M$ or some free version... Tell me, would people in my situation search Google for "freedos flash bios" or "linux flash bios floppy" instead?

If you read something like this "Build a High Performance Cluster with Windows (no UNIX/Linux)" and in the article it says download Cluster Knoppix or some other livecd cluster oriented distro. And english is not my mother tongue, as you may noticed. The information you provided saved me a trip to the computer store to buy the floppy, and a trip to a friend's house to make a Windoze boot floppy. It is amazing what you can do if you have the know-how! As Linux gets more popular, more and more people will need tricks like this. I don't understand why others bash it - while you are technically not flashing from linux, the target audience is those who run linux or some other unixlike os.

At least until we achieve the World Domination(tm) and thus get to compile our own BIOS-es from source. I was just in this audience: no windows, no dos, no floppy drive.

The project management system works on all operating systems, however, some operations may require additional dependencies.

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