Problems updating flash media player

So, you could only update your virtual BIOS that way, theoretically. Was it a Free DOS compatibility issue with your brand of motherboard? Note that this is a good article because it's specific and informative, even if it didn't work for *you*. Gents: For the technical minority this BIOS-flashing discussion evidently is useful. you can flash a motherboard from linux, without using your stupid windows tools, jerks.

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You'll probably have to unzip the archive you downloaded from your motherboard vendor site, to get to those two files.

Here's just an example for my motherboard (in your case, files will have different names, of course): Step 3: Burn a bootable CD which will emulate floppy device for us Next step is to burn the floppy image to a CD/DVD-RW media, but in a way that it can be booted afterwards.

:) Since the bios flash utility, needs to do a write of the saved "actual bios code", maybe a CD is not that suitable. The author didn't focus on the details of the procedure steps when formulating the well-chosen title.

I was thinking of a host virtual engine on linux, running a dos guest operating system, of course in a small configuration for this purpose. Yeah, I guess if you run a Free DOS system (who does?

I have Linux and I cannot flash my BIOS via conventional methods.

The title of this article led me to it, and solved my problem.

After you download the image, you need to decompress it.

In other words: If the mount went without errors, copy BIOS flash utility and new BIOS image to the mounted floppy disk image.

Any title that did not contain the term Linux would not have been found. COM /E:256 /P should become just: FILES=20 BUFFERS=20 SHELL=\COMMAND.

You should be thanking the author, not crying about his title. I purchased an Asus a8js yesterday, wiped off the Vista and linux. COM /E:256 /P I used the "flash bios - the ubuntu way" howto that was based based on this page (hope i got it the right way round! tried to do the same with my HP zv5000 BUT the bios file (with installer) was over 2.5m. David *I only needed to change paths and sudo some commands. Like other people already noticed, why are some of you so picky about the correct wording?

I roughly knew what to do, but did not know where to find freedos, rarely edited iso images, never burnt a bootable cdrom before, this article saved me a few hours of research and trial/error. No, installed OS is not affected with a BIOS update.

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