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The Fly Baby can be built as a biplane as well as a monoplane.

The two monoplane wing panels are replaced by four smaller ones, plus a center section for the top wing.

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Instead, you stack up sheets of plywood and "gang-saw" them all at once on a bandsaw. Even today, one can probably build a Fly Baby (less engine) for $6,000 or less.

Even though it doesn't come as a kit, a lot of the major parts (fuel tanks, engine mounts) come from the J-3 Cub, and companies like Wag-Aero and Univair still sell these parts. But the Fly Baby was the seminal EAA project; it was the first (and so far, only) design ever to win an EAA design competition. If you need help building one, assistance is as close as your nearest EAA Technical Counselor.

If you build the monoplane wings first, you'll have something to fly while building the extra wings.

The monoplane/biplane issue is more than a wing swap...there are some internal braces and external tangs that have to be added to the fuselage.

Return to Main Menu Howard Jones from Perth, Australia, was involved with the completion of an O-200 powered Fly Baby, and sent along the following performance figures. These were the measured results from a field at 50 foot elevation during a 68-degree (F) day, with no wind: Distance of ground run 265 feet/81 metreslift off to 50' 450 feet/137 metrestotal distance 715 feet/218 metresadd 30% safety factor = 925 feet/283 metres Take off Distance Speed at 50ft 57 MPH/50 KIAS50' to touchdown 640 feet/196 metresground roll 660 feet/201 metres (moderate braking)add 30% safety factor = 1700 feet 516 metres recommended landing distance.

Suggested minimum runway distance for this aircraft: 1975 feet/600 metres. A 2,000 foot runway is pretty much my threshold of "pucker factor".

Other than appearances, there isn't much advantage. In monoplane or biplane configuration, the Fly Baby does meet the US rules for Sport Pilot.

In the United States, you do not need an FAA medical to fly a Fly Baby.

I've landed in shorter fields, but they take good concentration.

If you've got unobstructed approaches, the 660-foot ground roll is definitely doable.] [RJW Note: Don't forget, these figures are with a 100 HP engine!

Or are you just looking for a fun, knockaround airplane? Something that you can go sightseeing in without breaking the bank on fuel costs. Rarely did our yearly maintenance bill exceed 0. Insurance (liability only) for five pilots was 5/year.

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