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Go to any major forum on the topic you're interested in and simply look at the different sections the forum has.

I typed in 'guitar forum' into google and found Ultimate Guiter.

Also Google isn't the only search engine, you can apply this method to as well.

Wikipedia is a great resource to discover profitable smaller niches within big markets.

I used this trick to find out more about beekeeping for my Niche Hack report.

Look at the different niches Wiki reveals to us on the search result page.

If you just try to appeal to everyone and anyone in the wider market where there's already a LOT of competition, usually from established brands too, you'll struggle to get success.

So always strive to go more niche using these 8 easy tricks... Let's continue using the “weight loss for women” example.

Potentially hundreds of sub niches will be revealed. If you need further demonstration on finding keywords, you can use what James has revealed here in this post of finding 100 keywords in 26 minutes. Change up your wording and get creative with what you say.

Sometimes people aren't searching exactly for weight loss for women, but instead are looking for healthy foods to lose weight.

As even smaller sub-niches within larger markets have a lot of demand. As you'll learn with these 8 profitable niche research hacks...

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