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(After a series of inane queries about Suri Cruise and other celebrity babies, Piven practically smote Bush with a verbal sledgehammer: "You need another job. I've learned not to put energy into how you're perceived," says Piven, who, for the record, showed up on time for our late lunch today and is relatively calm and very pleasant. I'm a single guy who has worked hard his whole life, and I'm doing my thing. that's just one big, slippery slope."Piven has no problem with the attention coming his way. " adds her male companion, with considerable gusto.At the restaurant, he opts to be seated front and center, facing the sidewalk instead of insisting on a discreet corner. "Who wouldn't want to be recognized for their work if they care about what they do? "And I do care about what I do, so it's a great feeling. Piven smiles graciously and tells them simply, "Thanks." For him, it has been a long journey to become "the man." In fact, these are words Piven has waited decades to hear. "You can look it up and say how many movies I've been in," Piven says of his extensive body of work (57 films at last count), "but I won't."On the smaller screen, Piven played an actor playing George Costanza on , which he also produced.

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Piven's ongoing bachelorhood has even earned him the moniker "the Pivert" from perezhilton.com, a particularly bloodthirsty blog.

Sadly, none of this happens, because—as Piven will be the first to tell you—he really isn't the loathsome but lovable character that won him 3 Emmys (2006, 2007, and 2008) and one Golden Globe (2007).

One incident allegedly involved a high school student working as an extra in 1985 on Piven’s first film, Lucas, when he was 17.

The other encounters took place in the 1990s, Buzz Feed said.

A number of the men facing allegations have lost their jobs or work.

Piven’s freshman CBS crime drama, Wisdom of the Crowd was left up in the air after 13 episodes aired and the network said in November it wouldn’t expand its order, but didn’t say outright that the show was cancelled.Jeremy Piven, who has strongly denied allegations of sexual misconduct from at least three women, is facing further accusations that date back decades, an online news site reported Saturday.Three additional women claim Piven acted in a physically aggressive or threatening manner, Buzz Feed News reported in a story that included the actor’s rejection of the allegations as “false.”The women said they were speaking out because of frustration over Piven’s previous denials.“We need to get on each other, I mean get on this as soon as possible,” the “Entourage” star supposedly wrote.A source close to Piven confirms he dated Nardi in late 2013, but says there has been no texting since they broke up.She described a consensual romantic encounter at Piven’s home that changed when he allegedly exposed himself and tried to force himself on her, Buzz Feed reported.

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