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In fact, the reptilian way of life formed the foundation for the attraction pyramid, illustrated on the left.

The reason I attended this workshop was to learn ways to increase my confidence.

As a life-long middle child, this is something that I have always wanted to improve about myself.

Working with an Advocate can help give you space to know your options and understand your rights.

STAR provides a 27/7 crisis hotline at 907-276-7273 or 800-478-8999 where the following are examples of things you can discuss: The University of Alaska Anchorage Police Department consists of a group of professionals working together to provide a safe environment for the UAA community through the confident application of education, rule enforcement and creative thinking.

The Student Health and Counseling Centers' physical health staff is a multi-disciplinary team including Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Medical Assistants, and Registered Nurses.

Our providers are available for appointments, including physical exams, annual exams, contraceptive care, and sexually transmitted disease screenings or treatment.

Episodic care through same-day appointments are available for ailments such as sore throat, abdominal pain, headache, fever, cough, and skin infections.

There is no charge for routine physical exams; laboratory and pharmacy services are available at a reduced cost.

The crisis line is available for people who would like to talk about their situation and for family and friends hoping to find a more effective way to support their loved ones.

AWAIC maintains a shelter where victims of domestic violence and their children may seek help any time they are in danger.

File an anonymous report through silent witness on the UAA Police website.

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