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Infomercials are also known as paid programming (or teleshopping in Europe).

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In the latter case, many hope to use profit from direct sales to build their business/company in order to achieve later retail distribution.

Standalone shorter commercials, 30 to 120 seconds in length with a call to action, are erroneously called infomercials; when used as an independently produced commercial, they are generally known as DRTV spots or short-form DRTV.

Such advertisers generally eschew the less reputable trappings of the traditional infomercial business in order to create communication they believe creates a better image of their products, brands and consumers.

Apple's use of the infomercial medium was immediately discontinued with Steve Jobs' 1997 return to the helm of the company.

Eventually, limits imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the amount of advertising that could appear during an hour of television did away with these programs, forcing sponsors into the background; however, a few infomercials, mainly those for greatest hits record sets and Shop Smith power tools, did exist during the period when commercial time was restricted.

It is quite possible that the first modern infomercial series to run in North America was on San Diego-area television station XETV, which during the 1970s ran a one-hour program every Sunday consisting of advertisements for local homes for sale.

As in any other form of advertisement, the content is a commercial message designed to represent the viewpoints and to serve the interest of the sponsor.

Infomercials are often made to closely resemble standard television programs.

Hence, political speeches or conventions may be derogatorily referred to as "infomercials" for a specific point of view.

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