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During sexual intercourse, the top of the spur – while attached to the penis – was smoothly introduced first into the woman's vagina, followed by the bottom portion.

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Would young people be able to raise the matter with their parents, enough to convince them to write a note indicating consent?

And what sort of attitudinal barriers would be raised by health centre personnel in front of a teenager seeking information on sex and family planning?

In the private sphere, young parents must cope not only with missed educational and income opportunities, but also with the demands of parenting and maintaining relationships at a time when they’re still preoccupied with finding themselves.

This is the reason the UN Population Fund has decided to focus much of its efforts in the country on addressing teenage pregnancy.

By age 19, one in every five girls is pregnant or has given birth, according to the National Demographic Survey of 2016.

Speaking of adolescents in general, one in three has already had sex by age 19, with a troubling 70 per cent of these encounters taking place without protection.One in four have sex before age 18, with the highest proportion (30 per cent) of these attaining just an elementary education, and the number decreasing as education level increases.If you think these dismaying statistics are just the result of fecklessness among the youths and possibly their families, you’d be wrong.There is a “hidden” aspect to the problem of early pregnancy in the country, points out Klaus Beck of UNFPA in the Philippines.There is a discrepancy, he says, between the number of babies born to young women and the number of teenage boys who are fathers.According to health economist Dr Alex Herrin, every year the Philippines forfeits around 33 billion pesos (Bt20 billion) in lost income due to early pregnancy, equivalent to over 1 per cent of the gross domestic product in 2012.

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