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Cox is promoted to chief of medicine to replace the dismissed Dr.

The old Sacred Heart hospital has been torn down and rebuilt.

D." Dorian (Zach Braff) for the first eight seasons, with season nine being narrated by the new main character Lucy Bennett (Kerry Bishé).

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In the season eight finale "My Finale", the "real J.

Cast and crew on the show refer to the location as "San Di Frangeles"—a portmanteau of San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles that is meant to encompass a large part of California.

Janae Bakken and Debra Fordham were writers and producers during the first eight seasons, each writing 16 episodes.

Scrubs focuses on the unique point of view of its main character and narrator, Dr.

During Zach Braff's audio commentary on "My Last Chance", he states that the error was actually unintentional.

Mc Ginley and Faison were joined by "a quartet of newbies (most of them playing students)" as full-time regulars, while one of the freshmen "will be fairly famous".

The series follows the lives of employees at the fictional Sacred Heart teaching hospital.

finally discuss their true feelings for each other and again become a couple.

Kelso's wife passes away and Ted quits Sacred Heart to travel around the U.

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