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Sad to report, Dimitrov comes across as a decent sort of bloke.

Strong enough to power his way back from match-point down to victory at last week’s Aegon Championships, but at the same time soft-hearted enough to admit he enjoyed the 2004 film ‘Wimbledon’, which starred Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst as romantically-entwined tennis players.“Maybe not just Hollywood, eh? We were perched on two chairs in the busy corridor of the plush members’ area at Queen’s.

Because the Bulgarian who displayed his grass-court form by winning Queen’s last week is certainly imagining it.

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“I always like to think outside the box so it is something for me to visualise.“It would certainly be a big moment in our lives. For sure that would be something to remember.“I was at the event when I was junior champion in 2008, but I didn’t dance with anybody.

I was still only 17, so I just played it cool.“I was the biggest tennis fan ever still and it was only afterwards that I realised how great it was to be part of that aftershow party. And it would be even better if I had Maria on my arm!

Excellent joueur de tennis d'origine britannique, Peter Colt a été classé à une époque au 11e rang mondial, aujourd'hui il n'est plus que 119e.

Après avoir côtoyé les meilleurs joueurs, il s'est reconverti en prof de sport pour femmes mûres et oisives...

C'est alors qu'on lui offre la possibilité de disputer son dernier tournoi de Wimbledon.

L'Américaine Lizzie Bradbury est la nouvelle étoile montante du tennis mondial et s'apprête à participer à son premier Wimbledon.

Lorsque Peter débarque sur les courts, il n'a plus franchement envie de prendre sa retraite.

Il remporte son premier match, mais il s'éprend de Lizzie...

And now it's the setting for the latest romantic comedy from Universal Pictures.

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