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See for yourself the oldest profession of the world.

Walk past monuments and through old streets, one of which is the well-known 'Zeedijk', once one of the most dangerous streets in Amsterdam - where Seamen could be found looking for local amusement.

View the magnificent houseboats and homes that dot the canal banks, along with the usual parade of bicyclists.

Then our guided tour through the Red Light District begins.

Stroll around the historical centre as our guide exposes us to over 800 years of "Amsterdam" culture.

Paris is confident that it's the world's most beautiful, fashionable and artistic capital. Walking through the heart of Paris you often feel like you've wandered onto an art film set; much of the city has been scrubbed clean in recent years and it's never looked more fabulous.

Its inhabitants are the definition of style, its architecture includes some of the most spectacular buildings and monuments in Europe and the ambiance is by turns exciting and alluring.

Of course the best way to see the city is from a boat and over three million people enjoyed a canal cruise in Amsterdam last year.

Arrive in London, England and take your provided shuttle to the group's hotel.

Our first day in Amsterdam, often called 'Venice of the north' would not be complete without a canal boat ride.

Pass along some of the city’s most beautiful spots.

James’s Palace detachment.guided bus tour of London's most important sights.

London’s landmarks are timeless, view the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Hyde Park and St. Then enjoy a Welcome Dinner at a typical English pub. Pancras station and board the high-speed Eurostar train bound for Paris, where our vacation continues. After check-in at our Paris hotel, we visit the Louvre, one of the world's largest museums and a historic monument.

Preceded by a Regimental Band or Corps of Drums, the old guards make their way down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace.

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