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With the release of the web OS 2.1.0 doctor by HP for O2 and Vodafone Pre devices, there is now a legal way to get web OS 2.1 onto the legacy devices of carriers that are not onboard with the 2.x upgrade. You should always be prepared for the unlikely possibility that your device may be completely wiped and your Palm profile may be permanently destroyed.

Compatible devices include all Pre and Pre Plus devices. You must read this page from top to bottom twice before starting this procedure. Do not proceed unless you have made appropriate backups and are OK with that.

They do not replace the information on this page, which you should read from top to bottom first.

A guide by web OSNation (née Pre Central) on backing up your device can be found here.

Also, make sure you run the Application: Save Restore application from Preware to back up your application data - you don't want to lose your Angry Birds progress, do you?

Then copy all the files from the USB drive onto your PC to keep them safe, including music, downloads, and pictures.

Make sure you have copies of all the data that you want to preserve from your palm profile.

There is a possibility that you will need to clear your palm profile to be successful in this upgrade, so you should act as if that is going to happen from the start.

The Meta Doctor scripts will automatically download the latest necessary web OS doctors, extract and replace CDMA radio firmware as necessary, and will build and launch the modified web OS Doctor.

NOTE THAT USING CYGWIN ON WINDOWS IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED AND WILL MAKE YOUR PHONE FAIL TO BOOT A NOTE ON "RE-DOCTORING": If this is not your first time through this process, you should do a "git pull" and a "make clobber" to ensure you have the latest scripts and a pristine build folder.

The web OS Doctor has been known to wipe your USB drive without warning, so you should act as if that is going to happen from the start.

If your phone is set to use the Palm Profile as the default location for contacts you may want to manually export these.

Note that this wiki page is always the authoritative source of information about this process, so you should refer to this page first for any and all instructions.

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