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To check how many palm profile contacts you have: Contacts App - tap "Palm Profile" under the "accounts" subsection.

palm updating prl-5

Whilst the Palm SDK is not strictly required to complete this procedure, it is the best way to install the novacom and novaterm programs which are used to transfer files to and from your device and to access the command line on your device.

If you are unable to get the official novacom drivers from the Palm SDK to connect to your device, you can alternately try Jason Robitaille's Universal Novacom Installer source code is found at his github repository These drivers are necessary to interface with web OS devices.

When you get to the end of Step 1: Setting up Meta-Doctor on that page, you should come back to this page and continue the procedure on this page.

See Palm Developer Website for Windows and for Ubuntu.

NOTE: The latest scripts (as of pm EST) MAY allow direct conversion of a 1.4.5 profile to 2.1.0 without deleting Palm Profile data.

Please read the information under "Palm Profile" below to understand the issues that my arise from attempting this, as well as the required solutions to resolve those issues.

NOTE THAT USING CYGWIN ON WINDOWS IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED AND WILL MAKE YOUR PHONE FAIL TO BOOT This is a process that uses official HP software in unofficial ways.

If you do not follow these instructions precisely, completely and without error, you will not achieve your goal and you will annoy a lot of people with a lot of unnecessary questions in the process.

The web OS Doctor has been known to wipe your USB drive without warning, so you should act as if that is going to happen from the start.

If your phone is set to use the Palm Profile as the default location for contacts you may want to manually export these.

The Meta Doctor scripts will automatically download the latest necessary web OS doctors, extract and replace CDMA radio firmware as necessary, and will build and launch the modified web OS Doctor.

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