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September 23 Cyber Alert article: org The MRC's Brad Wilmouth corrected the closed-captioning against the video to provide this transcript of the story on the Tuesday, September 23 NBC Nightly News: BRIAN WILLIAMS: Which all brings us back to this campaign trail.With 42 days to go, we're in the mix of news today.This is an opportunity for her to build personal relationships with the leaders with whom we need to cooperate in the world.

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"The Mc Cain campaign has been launching something of a campaign against the news media these days, and when things heated up for a time today, we almost didn't see those pictures" of her in Manhattan with Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai, Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe as well as Henry Kissinger.

Runs Whole Story on Palin Avoiding Press The night before CBS's Katie Couric will sit down with Sarah Palin to discuss foreign policy and just under two weeks after ABC's Charles Gibson got three interview sessions over two days with Palin in Alaska, the NBC Nightly News, the only broadcast network evening newscast snubbed so far by Palin, devoted a full story to how reporters were initially barred from her photo-ops with foreign leaders and her general lack of availability to the press.

The Alaska Governor has her first meetings with world leaders as they gather at the U. The association between Obama and Ayers has received virtually no attention from the three broadcast networks, with the conspicuous exception of a primary-season debate sponsored by ABC when George Stephanopoulos asked Obama about his relationship with Ayers.

Out of 1,365 broadcast evening news stories about Obama prior to the end of the primaries, only two mentioned Ayers -- one a brief mention of the debate question on the April 17 Nightly News, and the other an April 20 World News Sunday story about Mc Cain raising the Ayers issue on This Week. Bill Clinton Gives Joy Behar 'A Little Tingle' Channeling Chris Matthews' "thrill up my leg" remark about Barack Obama, View co-host Joy Behar described acquiring "a little tingle" when former President Bill Clinton appeared on Monday's show.

Campaign officials invited the media to attend the beginning of the meeting but at the last minute banned reporters, a departure from the usual practice, saying only photographers would be allowed.

When news organizations threatened to pull the cameras if reporters were banned, the campaign relented, calling it a mis-communication. JOHN HARWOOD, NEW YORK TIMES/CNBC: The Mc Cain campaign is plainly trying to protect Sarah Palin from making a mistake in an unscripted situation that could haunt them for the rest of the campaign.The White House correspondent focused on how the Mc Cain campaign was "trying to cram a lot in for Sarah Palin over the next two days in New York:" "It's like speed dating with world leaders.In the span of just 30 hours in New York, Sarah Palin will meet with nine major international players during the U." on screen during an entire 8 PM EDT Election Center segment devoted to journalists complaining about how she's not answering their questions.Host Campbell Brown conceded "it's annoying to reporters that she's being kept under lock and key" and "stage-managed," but she asked about voters: "Do they feel like they're getting a mannequin when they see her now?JOHN Mc CAIN AT CAMPAIGN EVENT: I can't wait until I introduce her to Washington, D. GUTHRIE: In the months since Palin joined the ticket, she's granted just two major interviews, appeared at one joint town hall and held no news conferences. GUTHRIE: Mc Cain himself, once easily accessible to reporters, hadn't held a news conference for six weeks, until today.

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