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PADIZ only covers entire Luzon region, parts of Visayas, and only islands north of Palawan.

Statistically speaking, only 2 out of 100 Filipinos plan for retirement. Foremost of all, know your average monthly SSS contribution.

Below is the SSS Contribution schedule updated for 2014, which estimates your total monthly contribution and employer’s contribution.

Let us suppose you are receiving an average of P 16,000 monthly salary with 12 years of service.

From the range of compensation, you are in the ( see table 15,750 – over), your employer’s contribution will be P 1,208.70 and your contribution is P 581.30, for a grand total of P 1,790.00.

It was meant to delineate the area in which the identification, location, and control of civilian aircraft is required in the interests of Philippine national security.

This is different from the Manila Flight Information Region (FIR) due to the security and defense nature of PADIZ.The exact source is located on page 6 of the said report.The SIPRI report also did not indicated the additional fighter aircraft's source, so we can say that the Philstar's headline was incorrect or unintentionally misleading.She loves to educate and spread financial literacy. Recently the Philippine Star released a news report regarding the planned acquisition of 24 fighter aircraft in the near future for the Philippine Air Force (PAF).A few years ago, the PAF released its Air Defense Strategic Plan, with the medium-term vision of having a "Credible Air Defense Force by 2022".

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