Padma dating top chef

With Top Chef, you normally expect the stunt challenges to happen early in the season.

That’s when they’re still trying to keep people watching and it’s okay if some person goes home for not being able to catch enough grasshoppers because who cares? Later in the season, once we already know and have become attached to the remaining chefs, you expect the more conventional cooking challenges.

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Because if anyone’s going to judge aspiring chefs harshly on national TV it’s an elected politician, right? the chefs were cooking for like seven people this week. Do you know how much harder it is to cook for a large group of people? And not the fact that they didn’t have to try to make 300 portions of nachos?

People a critic, that’s why everyone’s always hassling Simon Cowell to run for office. Sure, fine, whatever, they all had independent epiphanies (cut to Bruce saying “I get it now” for the 12 trillionth time). Likewise, did anyone else notice that yet again, all the bad food that got nitpicked to death was served at the end, after the judges were already full?

, which we’re told King wrote after staying a night in room 217 while the hotel was otherwise completely empty. Nay, this was the setting for HORROR DESSERTS, in which the chefs were tasked to “visualize your worst nightmare.” This allowed the show’s editors to indulge all their worst impulses, like adding “spooky” cuts and screeching violin music and kids laughing sound effects and Padma talking about spirits. The challenge allowed the contestants to indulge their worst impulses too, whether it be making a dessert that was supposed to look like a dead hiker with his guts splattered on rocks (Cool Chris, see below) or invent a completely fictional childhood fear (of seeds! , from dew-faced ingenue to canny veteran who knows blueberries don’t go with bruschetta and how Tom Colicchio likes his peas.

Finally, a show on basic cable that mentions ghosts! This one was guest judged by Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. We’re just going to pretend it was Tom’s pep talk that did it, huh?

Meanwhile it turned out Chris Cosentino actually know a lot about fly fishing.

Or at least, enough to know not to eat Adrienne’s part raw river trout.

So, fish of this caliber needs to be cooked through.” Hot damn, did he just combine “does a bear shit in the woods” and “shit flows downhill” into a single adage to explain a real-life situation? I haven’t seen someone take that circuitous a route to a point since . Kudos to the show for not even attempting to pitch this like it was a big reveal.

Quick, now do the one about the bear and the rabbit running out of toilet paper! Everyone knows every reality show is going to involve at least three reveals where the eliminated contestants show up again.

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