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In this article, I have outlined a very detailed troubleshooting procedure to fix the issue with MS Outlook whenever a user is unable to access and it shows disconnected at right bottom of the Outlook page.MS Outlook is one of the most widely used email clients used in all the companies for internal and external communication purpose by e-mail because of its user friendliness, faster and efficient services.But if the issue is multi-user impact, then the service desk specialist will have to determine if there is any issue with the exchange server. Try to 'ping' the Exchange server from the PC with the issue3.

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Step 8 - If the responses are summed up at the end with "Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0", that means server or network connectivity is good and you can skip the step pf checking LAN cable, network connectivity, etc.

If the ping result shows "Request Timed Out" and a single user is impacted, you can do the following: Check network cable and confirm access to other network resources.

This issue is very important and common however there are quite an easy ways for fixing the issue if it's not global.

That means if a single user is impacted, he can easily fix the issue by following the steps below. Note: If multiple staff is affected, inform the manager and raise a Severity 2 accordingly.2.

Outlook is hosted by the exchange servers installed in the company for smooth two way communication.

It also helps the users in performing various daily activities apart from just sending or receiving e-mails.

Step 1 - Click on 'Start' menu in your computer Step 2 - Click on 'Run'Step 3 – Type CMD and click on OKStep 4 - A black window will pop up, it known as Command Prompt Step 5 – Type 'ping' in the command followed by the Exchange Server name and then Hit Enter.

Step 6 - The 'ping' utility will run for a few seconds and show the results in the form of Responses.

If network cable is fine and other resources are also accessible, please reboot the machine. If it doesn't resolve, you can perform Outlook level troubleshooting. Please see the following steps to check the mode and make it online if it's in offline mode.

Step 1 – Open the Outlook Step 2 - Click on 'Disconnected' at the bottom right corner of Outlook.

: The following procedure deletes any information that is not synchronized with the Exchange server, including your contacts' mail TE102655949.

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