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If the woman does not message the male within the allotted time, he is left powerless and the match disappears.

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The time limit adds pressure and can make the process feel inorganic and rushed.

Not only that, but the 24 hour time period is easy to forget.

Over five million women have initiated conversations on Bumble as of June 2015.

According to founder Wolfe, around 60 percent of matches end up in conversation.

According to Market Watch, even in Bumble's first nine months, it "has seen responsible and thoughtful behavior from both male and female users." Bumble is serious about monitoring respectful app behavior. Users must initially log in through their Facebook accounts to access Bumble.

Bumble matches users based on the information it pulls from their Facebook profile.

When women send the first message, more often than not, the man responds. Woman can control the visibility of their profiles in a variety of different ways.

Bumble aims to decrease online harassment, and typically the app is said to attract very decent guys.

Bumble aims to empower women and give them the opportunity to be in charge of whether or not the relationship persists.

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