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Are we the generation to be known that doesn't want relationships ?

Single doesn't mean alone, just means the people who want relationships are choosing them rather than being pressured from the outside.

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That is, that the human specie developed in parallell through many millenia, maybe even during the age of the ancestors of the human specie.

However Microsoft introduces “selectors” (the “i” in our case).

Our example, then, is to perform this update using LINQ-to-SQL.

So far we have dealt with only one single Employees table.

For my fellow Sex & The City fans, click here to see the brand new trailer for Sex & The City 2 – enjoy!

You think you have options but biology – and finances – will say otherwise.If you haven’t had kids by 35 (women) or 45 (men) you probably won’t.And I hear from both sexes, that they would prefer to be single..NET to directly query a relational database management server, such as SQL Server® or My SQL.If things haven't changed, the "Out-of-Africa"-theory is still what is being taught.I have some very enjoyable memories of watching Daisy Duke on “The Dukes Of Hazzard” show when I was just a little girl.

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