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If not, surely I have the right to call myself a ‘born again virgin’?

Never been in one of those ‘friends with benefits’ situations.

Are we the generation to be known that doesn't want relationships ?

You can get the Adventure Works sample database at the Microsoft Code Plex, available here.

Furthermore, the is different from the standard ADO.

That goal of settling down, buying a house and starting a family isn't as easy to achieve as it once was, and people's life focus changes accordingly.

One guy i know dedicates his instagram page to his cat...

Today we're excited to share a colorful summertime back porch party that we hosted last weekend. They will also be sharing our recipes on their blog, Front&Main, in the coming weeks!

Having parties on the back porch is our new favorite tradition! We served appetizers and cocktails, hung colorful flags and watched the sun set together.

Language-Integrated Query—LINQ—is a new data-access feature that does exactly what it says: allow for querying of data sources from within the language itself.

LINQ takes this a step further by allowing querying from these same DBMS sources but within an object-oriented technology.

Our example, then, is to perform this update using LINQ-to-SQL.

So far we have dealt with only one single Employees table.

At night I have dreams about cum, during the day I constantly fantasize about cum, and I'm always thinking about ways to get even.....

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