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The issue’s smooth placement demonstrates once again investors’ confidence in the soundness of Legrand’s development model as well as the quality of its financial structure.

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In short, this is the money the business spends in order to turn inventory into throughput.

On an income statement, "operating expenses" is the sum of a business's operating expenses for a period of time, such as a month or year.

For larger systems like businesses, opex may also include the cost of workers and facility expenses such as rent and utilities.

In business, an operating expense is a day-to-day expense such as sales and administration, or research & development, as opposed to production, costs, and pricing.Its counterpart, a capital expenditure (capex), is the cost of developing or providing non-consumable parts for the product or system.For example, the purchase of a photocopier involves capex, and the annual paper, toner, power and maintenance costs represents opex.2017 achievements and change in governance Double-digit growth in main indicators 2017 targets fully met Enhancing investments for the future Milestone: performance and potential fully confirmed From February 8, 2018 Separation, on a long-term basis, of the offices of Chairman and of Chief Executive Officer: Gilles Schnepp Chairman of the Board of Directors Benoît Coquart Chief Executive Officer As of January 1, 2019 Antoine Burel Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations Franck Lemery Chief Financial Officer Press release Presentation Accounts Webcast Decisions of the Board of Directors on March 20, 2018 in the run-up to the General Meeting of Shareholders on May 30, 2018 Meeting on March 20, 2018, Legrand’s Board of Directors, acting on the recommendation of the Nominating and Governance Committee, and in the run-up to the 2018 General Meeting of Shareholders, adopted proposals for renewing Directors’ terms of office due to expire and for the appointment of Directors, as well as items relating to the compensation policy for the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer.Press release CES 2018: Legrand maps out the futur of connected buildings by incorporating artificial intelligence into its solutions Legrand is announcing the gradual incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into its connected solutions and their compatibility with partner solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana.Today’s Mac experience relies more than ever on the graphics processor (GPU) in your computer. Metal is a technology built into mac OS that allows apps to unleash the full power of the GPU.

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