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Fun for my partner to use on me because it's so easy to tease and surprise, and he can feel exactly what the toy is doing in sync with his touch!I use this toy exclusively externally, but it could be great as an internal toy as well.

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This is my second minna ola - the first died after about 3 years - my first seemed like it had more intensity. Reviewed By: Still waters Take a little time with this one -- the payoff is definitely worth it!

I'm impressed with the long lasting battery and strength relative to other battery operated toys.

I'd also recommend this one for folks who struggle with manual dexterity or hate dealing with lots of buttons.

Reviewed By: Anonymous When I first saw the Ola, I immediately added it to my wishlist and splurged on it as soon as I could.

This toy responds to the intensity of your squeeze, and you can set it to record a pattern that runs on a loop.

Having both a soft external pad as well as an internal portion gives you even more opportunities to explore.On top of this, the rechargeable and waterproof Ola is made of body-friendly silicone, so we've no doubt she's destined to become your main squeeze! Reviewed By: Anonymous This is a really smart vibe.Instead of using standardized settings, the Ola lets you create your own vibrations, consistent or patterned.And the harder you squeeze, the more powerful the vibration!With Ola's amazing squeeze-memory, you'll create infinite vibration possibilities with which to experiment; she'll remember your most recent squeeze pattern and intensity until you set a new pattern.Although the range of the motor is pretty decent, the highest intensity is not particularly strong.

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