Ola sex

Imagine never having to deal with confusing buttons or dials on your vibrator again, and you'll appreciate the brand-new squeeze technology that makes Ola so unique.

Ola sex-14

While this certainly isn't the quietest vibrator, it is much quieter than the Vibrator starter pack.

I've used it a couple of times for about a half hour each time and the battery is still strong. Reviewed By: Anonymous I love the soft touch "pleasure pad" to adjust the intensity of the vibration.

However, the base that vibrates is too bulky, so to get it close enough to stimulate my clit, he really has to back off or pull out, and often I just end up using it, then we have sex.

I was hoping for something that could be used at the same time he was in me, but unless he's behind me, it's not really possible with this model.

Although the range of the motor is pretty decent, the highest intensity is not particularly strong.

I generally use this product during partnered sex because I think it's great for warming up or teasing; your partner doesn't really know what to expect when you can use the motor as an extension if your hand.

I enjoy this in tandem with direct clitoral stimulation with another toy.

I wasn't so sure about this toy at first, but after more exploratory play, I really love it.

Forget those boring old bras and mix it up instead.

Ann Summers are known for their provocative and glam lingerie so if your collection is looking a bit lacklustre, make like Ola and show off your sexy side.

I'd also recommend this one for folks who struggle with manual dexterity or hate dealing with lots of buttons.

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