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We stayed here during Rodeo Austin, my daughter was exhibiting her pig and we needed to find a place close to minimize travel time. Unpaved driveway can be hard on any vehicle that is low to the ground (my hatc…This is a great tiny house out in the country a bit outside of Austin.

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In the end, I told him, "See, I don't feel any better after talking." He replied, "Ah, but it's a step in the right direction." Bite me, Dr. All that came of this was me crying and feeling hopeless again. He didn't ask anything of it, but I presume that he assumed I have an interview today.

Really, I am going to apply online for the city administrative assistant opening.

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February 28, 201pm I am in somewhat better spirits today.

I don't know, it could be the fact that I am angry, unsure of the furture and confused in general that is keeping me out of the storms of the black cloud. Le Vine called me at work late morning wondering where I was.

I shouldn't be proud of the fact that I am such a good little liar but, in a way, I am.

Keeping my dignity is one of the few good things I have left, although I am seemingly loing that as well.

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