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Coretta Scott King was often referred to as the "first lady of civil rights," known primarily as the wife and then widow of the Rev. But her presence in Memphis, Tenn., just four days after her husband was slain there, was the act of a civil rights leader in her own right.

On April 8, 1968, Coretta Scott King wore a black lace headscarf as she led a march through downtown Memphis. In the early hours of Monday, August 14 last year, Samuel Senessie woke up to one of the most powerful rainstorms he had ever seen.

"Four producers say they were either told or led to believe that their jobs could be at risk if they pursued a complaint."In his texted statement, Ashbrook wrote that he is sure that "once the facts come out that people will see me for who I am — flawed but caring and decent in all my dealings with others."for 16 years.

The two-hour call-in radio show about the news and issues of the day is produced at WBUR-FM, the public-radio station at Boston University.

Water cascaded down the steep slope of Sugarloaf mountain, a precipitous peak on the edge of Sierra Leone's tropical seaside capital, Freetown, where Senessie lived in a small concrete home with his family.

A body was recovered Saturday near where an SUV plunged off a Northern California cliff last month, killing a family of eight in what authorities suspect may have been an intentional crash.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring agency says that more than 20 people have died and 70 wounded in the Ghouta region.

When the parishioners at the Lighthouse Mexico Church Of God gather for worship each Sunday, many of them are armed. The church, located in the small, upstate town of Mexico, N. The romance genre is a juggernaut that continues unabated.

Miller lived a long time — he died in 2005 at the age of 89 — so it might be easy to forget that for much of his adult life he wasn't just accomplished.

He was also a major celebrity: He made headlines with his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, and for his testimony before Congress during the Mc Carthy era. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order making data on gun violence more accessible to the public.

The Mendocino County Sheriff's office issued a statement about the body that was found in the surf of the Pacific Ocean.

"Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro says the 50th-floor apartment at Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived early Saturday evening.

, has been suspended while the network investigates sexual misconduct allegations made against him.

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