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I have lots of animal jam member accounts but i'm not gonna give them away unless you send me a working lion code.

Nonmember chat-46

Buddy me and i will give you a member account if you give me a lion code that is unused and working.

If its fake,i will change the password and you will not get it again Grand Theft Auto IV cheats | Diablo III cheats | Max Payne 3 cheats | Black Mesa: Source cheats | Call of Duty: Black Ops cheats | Pokemon White cheats | Mass Effect 3 cheats | Mine Craft cheats | Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning cheats | Orcs Must Die!

You'll use the chat to group up for heroics, find and join guilds, get questions answered in-game, and sometimes sell items. This will bring up the chat bar where you can type your message or command.

You may also click in the chat area (top left) to bring up the chat bar. Commands start with a "/" (No quotes) and are entered in the same chat area as regular messages.

If u want to donate some accounts just comment it below, or email it to [email protected] wished to keep private 🙂 5.

This cheat for Animal Jam [PC] has been posted at by naileyboo290 and is called "Free Non-Member Accounts".You can then toggle which channels you wish to see in that tab.Global channels are always available, and are specific to the current planet you are on.The three global channels are Trade, Pv P, and General.The most common channel and also the default channel, you can switch back to it by typing the command: "/1" or "/general".Player channels are used to communicate with specific players or nearby players.

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