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Jarkko got in touch with people at the University of Denver and Oregon State University.They had their own IRC network running and wanted to connect to the Finnish network.Even searching for relatively rare fetishes like figging delivers a good selection of results, like this erotic re-imagining of Beauty and The Beast: He finished paring the ginger and held it up for her to see. The middle portion bulged out to about the width of a fat carrot before tapering down to a narrow neck. Beast leaned close to her ear, and said, “My dear Beauty, I’m going to slide this here root deep into your ass. Then, I plan on spanking those white ass cheeks until they are glowing red.

Non sexual chat rooms

In 2017 these sorts of pointless copy-protection shenanigans are just complicated ways for the site owners to signal contempt for visitors and readers.

There’s no actual benefit because there’s no actual protection, given how easy it is to access the text by viewing the HTML source for any page.

Users can have profiles in which to share information about themselves, and there’s every sign that users follow each other on the site, leave comments, share favorite images in albums and comments, and generally hang out together on the site even when they aren’t writing or reading erotic stories.

In other words, it’s an adult social network at least as much as it is an erotic story collection.

” Writers are trained to ask the “who, what, when, where, and why?

” questions, and readers are trained to expect answers. ” is “a great big treasure-hoard of sex stories”, it’s natural enough that we would want firm numbers on the size of that hoard.

That neatly illustrates the downside of being an aging web cynic like me; we sometimes discount excellent sites because of the less-than-excellent marketing choices they make, and in this case, I fear that my dubious instinct may have prompted a rather-too-negative initial impression.

More inexplicable and much less forgivable is my discovery that Lush Stories uses Javascript tricks to disable clicking on, selecting, or copying the text of the stories displayed on the site.

In November 1988, IRC had spread across the Internet and in the middle of 1989, there were some 40 servers worldwide.

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