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And, you’ll receive help from the Infor Xtreme technical support team on any screens you customize.

Know your best customers Centralized guest profiles significantly enhance collaboration for customers with multiple hotels by enabling them to store and manage a single instance of a unique profile across the enterprise.

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With Infor HMS™ (Hospitality Management Solution) you can give your employees access to actionable information about guests and prospects, allowing them to quickly assess each booking and offer a richer experience.

With integration from your hotel PMS (property management system) to your operational systems, Infor’s suite of solutions also helps to streamline processes such as accounting, revenue management, and work orders.

Hoteliers can look up the enterprise value of the guest in real-time to better serve the needs of highly esteemed guests.

Streamline billing processes The Accounts Receivable module features enhanced workflows for accounting tasks by providing the ability to create centralized profiles with separately attached property accounts directly from the reservation screen, and flexible invoicing.

Sessions are hosted at different days and times to allow you to select a session that accommodates your schedule.

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You know the importance of maintaining a steady stream of guests.

To fill more rooms with high-value clients, you need to find ways that entice them to stay longer, select more services—and come back again and again.

The power of the independent hotel lies in delivering a differentiated experience that bigger brands can't match.

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