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Russia as medieval mother country of the Great Empire. - Delamere Publishing, Paris, London, New York, 2003.

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- Moscow, publishing house "Delovoy Express", 2004.

Petersburg, publishing house "Neva", OLMA MEDIAGROUP, 2004.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2009 A. This edition differs significantly from the previous ones.

Fomenko prepared a new edition of the seven-volume book "Chronology".

Glance at the monuments of Ancient Egypt: from Napoleon to New Chronology".

(Famous Pythagor, god Apollo, wonderworker Apollonius, Enochs Esau, Jacob and also Job and Isaiah are reflections of the Christ)". (1st book of volume 2) --------------------------------------------- # [] G. Astronomical dating of the monuments of Ancient Egypt. Revised edition: Moscow publishing house Astrel, AST. In a significantly revised form this book was issued under the name "Cossack-arias: from Russia to India". "RUSSIAN AS THE BASIS OF LATIN AND EUROPEAN LANGUAGES." ---------------------------------------- Except seven-volume book "Chronology", which we finished in 2003 and covering (in summarized and revised form) all our chronological studies, made before that time, - and also big number of new material, which appeared during the last years, in 1990-2004 we wrote a number of separate books on this subject.

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