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The GVH investigated whether the undertaking – from 1 January 2012 to 18 December 2013 – provided appropriate information about the possibilities of interest-free reimbursement related to the use of its credit cards, paying particular attention to interest calculation applicable until 20 June 2016, on the basis of which in the case of reimbursements made after the grace period interest must be paid even after purchases made in the next accounting period.Although the undertaking did not agree with the position of the GVH, it submitted a complex commitment consisting of several elements.

Highlighting the outstanding popularity and widescale use of online dating sites, the GVH warns that the practices of online dating services’ consumer information must meet criteria of fair information providing.

It is essential that all basic conditions and circumstances, such as the exact content of services, the service fees, the cases that prompt a change in service fees, the methods of entering and terminating a service contract must be communicated in a clear, transparent and accurate manner to the consumer.

The conference was organised along the following themes: legislation and enforcement questions, cases in the retail trade, and the practice of the compliance programmes.

Miklós Juhász, President of the GVH, explicitly welcomed the benefits of the regional cooperation, emphasising: “We can learn a lot from each other, if we follow the developments of the V4 countries’ competition law, which the Authorities encounter in their everyday work.”. Juhász stated that the existence and work of the Competition Authorities are unquestionable, due to the significant benefits they bring to society.

Budapest, 14 February 2018 Hungarian Competition Authority The Authorities of the Visegrad Group countries, and also of Austria and Slovenia, often face similar questions in the course of their enforcement activities; whether it relates to the efficiency of their cartel detection activities and the legal toolkits at their disposal, or merger control and ensuring the right of due process.

The close collaboration of the regional competition authorities may result in solutions being found to the above-mentioned questions.Competition authorities have an important role in safeguarding competitiveness by blocking unfair market practices – Levente Magyar, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, pointed out in his opening speech.He emphasised that the 25 years of Visegrad cooperation has brought concrete results in the region, also in the field of competition law enforcement.The members browsed and searched the Internet in order to unveil misleading or deceptive practices of the web based services.Through the widescope sweep entitled „Contract terms in digital economy” the GVH screened the General Terms and Conditions of online dating services available on PC, Android- and i OS tools, basically investigating whether the content of GTCs allow the consumer to make informed transactional decisions.The GVH quantifies the benefits of its activities every two years.

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