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In , Matt Nisbet discusses the benefits of science communicators making connections with opinion-leaders. For many like me, it’s to feel a void opening, the earth dropping out from beneath you.It’s to face the prospect of invalidating your entire existence.

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This results in a situation that once our user are enabled again during the lifetime of that cookie he gets access to our client application without the need to authenticate again (which is what we are trying to accomplish).

Is this behaviour correct and expected by design or am I misunderstanding something (which may be true)?

We predicted that 1) Higher BPD features would predict greater self-reported invalidation, and 2) BPD features would moderate the relationship between feedback condition and learning task performance, such that higher BPD features would be associated with poorer performance.

We found that as BPD features increased, invalidation also increased; however, this main effect was in the context of a significant interaction effect, such that highest self-reported invalidation occurred at high levels of BPD symptoms in the invalidation condition.

This bad news for religious minorities and super-bad news for nonebelievers.

Ben Carson, who for some ridiculous twist of cruel fate is the Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, says he learned how to deal with the criticism of his lavish spending of taxpayer dollars from Jesus: Later, [Carson] suggested the episode had been a personal ordeal, saying that he modeled his reaction to the criticism on advice that Jesus gave in the Sermon on the Mount, which he summarized as “don’t worry about what people are saying about you, and do the right thing.” Yes, I'm sure that's what Jesus was talkling about.69% say climate change has been exaggerated versus 4% of Democrats.Only 42% even accept that most scientists believe in the reality of climate change. He means people in a community who are respected by and connected to the people who live there. Nelle Smith wants you to know that changing the mind of a fundamentalist Christian isn't just about making some undeniable point: For an evangelical, there are no small doubts: growing up in many evangelical churches means to be told, repeatedly, that the devil will always seek a foothold, and once you give him one you’re well on the road to hell, to losing your faith, to destroying your witness. To begin to doubt evangelicalism is not simply a mental exercise.Jill Tarter is bullish on discovering extraterrestrial life before the end of the century, and, importantly, believes that such a search is just the kind of thing to get humanity as a species to work together globally.Quote of the Day Elon Musk predicts "everything from iron foundries to pizza joints" once his Mars colony gets up and running, which he discusses in a new academic paper. News items that mention political​ candidates are for informational purposes only and under no circumstances are to be interpreted as statements of endorsement or opposition to any political candidate. Paul Fidalgo has been communications director of the Center for Inquiry since 2012.As a woman living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Ms Mc Mullen's life has involved riding a rollercoaster of emotions — a struggle that ebbs and flows even to this day.

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