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Behavior: Behaves in a docile manner, similar to normal basking sharks.

The mouth will be open for the feeding process, and will close prior to leaving the area.

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Entity shows moderate to severe signs of stress at all times because of its condition.

Crimes: Ao A members charged with criminal manipulation of metaphysical and conceptual properties, animal abuse, intentional property damage, grand theft, larceny, multiple counts of first degree murder, and terrorism.

Various complex security systems prevent the entrance of unauthorized entities or materials into the tank.

Metaphysical marine biologists are working with the UIU to determine the state of the entity, as its condition is believed to be artificially induced by Ao A members for use as a weapon.

It was blown from the rock wall by the collapsing concept vacuum.

Unknown Conceptual Paratechnology: A piece of handmade paratechnology used to alter metaphysical properties.

Object is notable for being only consumed sample with incomplete ability to maintain full conceptual constancy; it fluctuates between a consumed state and a normal one, oftentimes losing part of its concept.

Piece of temporal limestone: Chunk of an increasingly popular building material in the Three Portlands, still containing living, anomalous examples of the prehistoric corals and mollusks whose shells make up limestone deposits.

For example, if the concept of steel is eaten, all steel (and variations of it) in the area will disappear.

Any steel will have an outline around where it would be.

Purpose/Motive: Unknown/Survival Modus Operandi: The entity moves through space and consumes a concept within a spherical region (radius of 23') around its mouth.

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