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We're always trying to figure out what boys are thinking. Mary: And you don't think boys are doing the same thing? Holly: And we just started a new feature called "XRating." Mads: Lina came up with the idea when a friend of hers tried to fix her up with one of her exes. Mads: That way, when a new girl goes out with him, it's like he has a seal of approval-from his ex-girlfriend. Mads: But we try to keep it positive, so it won't turn into a venge-fest. Mads: I was shocked at first by how many nonvirgins there are in our school. Mads: People think of us as good girls, but if only they knew! Lina: Your parents will lock you in your room until you're thirty.

and who's still a virgin and who's not, and who's lying about it. Some people think they're a hunter, but when you look at their behavior, they're total roadkill. Holly: You can write a profile of him, vouching for him, saying what he's like as a boyfriend, what his good points are and what kind of girl you think would be good for him. You can use "X-Rating" to warn people about someone, too. Holly: But I think a lot of them were exaggerating. Mads: Then I got used to the idea, and it stopped shocking me. Mads: Yeah, like how some boys just want to hook up but they don't really care about you as a person. [the girls laugh] Holly: I don't know if we should say it on the air. Mads: She pretends to be sensible, but she's done some wild things- Holly: Mads, you're the craziest one of us all, so you'd better stop talking or we'll tell all your secrets.

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When a controversy erupts after exes begin rating each other, the Dating Game is banned from the school's computers.

But Mads, Lina, and Holly aren't giving up without a fight.

But Mads, Lina, and Holy aren't giving up without a fight - even if it means being expelled!

The Dating Game has gotten too hot to handle--at least for the school principal and parents.

But the Dating Game has got too hot to handle - at least for the school's principal and parents.

After Lina, Mads and Holly sound like junior sex experts on a local radio interview and their controversial new feature, Ex-rating - where exes rate their former boyfriend/girlfriend - brings in scandalous responses, the Dating Game is banned from the school's computers.

Their town, Carlton Bay, was about an hour north of the city. Russell Markowitz rubbed his messy Brillo pad of gray hair in a way that told Mads "great" wasn't the whole story.

She and Lina and Holly got into Holly's car and drove out of San Francisco. "I don't think we said anything super-dumb." "No, maybe just normal-dumb," Lina said. "I guess I can live with that." "You were great today, honey," Mads' father said when she returned home. Russell, a labor lawyer, was liberal and protective at the same time. Mads' parents wanted to allow and prohibit everything at once.

"My mother told all her friends." "So did mine," Mads said. I think the nauseo-spazzmosis is infecting my tongue. I'm Mary Dando, and today we're talking to the Dating Game Girls. Holly: Our school is heavily into educational jargon.

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