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New York, NY Talking via the internet freaks me out because guys typically come on very strong and direct, especially on Tinder.

Naked first date-4

I had to cut our date short, and explained how unhappy I was to be leaving.

The banker guy was dressed in a suit and had just pulled an all-nighter, but he offered to accompany me so I wouldn't have to be alone.

Clearly this wasn't his scene, but he was patient and pretended to enjoy the night.

He even did his best to schmooze with the band after the show while I did the necessary rounds.

I was skeptical but when he showed up, I was impressed.

I pretty much knew on the spot that I wanted to have sex with him; the only question was whether I’d have the opportunity to act on it.

After getting lunch at a taco shop, he suggested watching the Kings game at his place.

While chilling on his couch, he started asking me the stories behind my own tattoos, which turned into an intimate game of show-and-tell.

You know, like these guys all had the same itinerary for every girl they took out.

So when my now-boyfriend offered up the “after work drink” I didn’t have particularly high hopes for the evening.

If they don't feel attracted to you, they won't bother seeing you again.

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