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(As well, WJBK is also one of the sponsors for Artworks For Life, an auction that donates proceeds to the Michigan AIDS Coalition.) Actor Sean Patrick Thomas was on hand to promote the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS of Detroit.8. (Calamari’s Squid Row seen on Erie, PA’s WICU.) I heart the way that the text is in LARGE CAPS telling us not to panic! (Between The Buns, seen on South Bend, IN’s WNDU.)Just this past weekend, I got my first look at stations from South Bend, Indiana. WNDU was showing an ad featuring a restaurant called sounds like the type of bar I’d visit in the Church & Wellesley area of Downtown Toronto. It’s a sports bar too, so imagine some rugged, macho type going “Hey man, wanna head down to Teapot, Baby. Out pops a GENIE in a shining, shimmering, splendid purple outfit!

I also love the “Time To Get ‘Er Done” clock in the pic below. (Club Meridian Apartments, seen on Lansing, MI’s WLNS.)A woman is tired of her current rundown apartment situation and wants something a bit more luxurious. The pair travels through a whole new world of upscale apartments in Mid-Michigan via questionable use of green screen technology. ) Club Meridian Apartments – just one teapot rub away! Meat these fine folks – hopefully I won’t butcher their message! I’m wearing out the meat/meet jokes.) It’s kind of funny that only the man on the far right seems to be smiling.

Plus there may be occasional commentaries on shows that I see while adjusting my reception.

I’ve narrowed it down to my “top 25” plus one special bonus ad. (Hungry Howie’s, seen on Erie, PA’s WBEP.) I watched a lot of TV from Erie, PA last Summer, and one of the first commercials I loved was for Hungry Howie’s Pizza.

(It was a good thing I procrastinated, since two ads were caught just this past weekend in the amazing Southern Ontario tropo explosion, which I’ll be writing about shortly.)1. (Home Comfort Heat, seen on Rochester, NY’s WHAM & CW-WHAM.)Back in March 2009, I was glued to my TV during one of the first “big bursts” of DTV reception from Rochester, NY that I picked up. It featured a woman in a giant pepperoni costume and she complained about people preferring Hungry Howie’s flavored crusts (their trademark) to more traditional pizza toppings!

This tasty commercial won me over when I saw the company’s name (Calamari’s Squid Row) combined with the animated octopus wearing a chef’s hat and shades! (Shorthorn Meat Market, seen on Flint, MI’s WSMH.) This was one of the few “local” commercials I caught during a brief burst of reception from Flint, MI’s WSMH! Come on guys, there’s a lot at steak for this commercial to be successful!

(Unfortunately, no web site could be found for them. Morris, and visit the Shorthorn Meat Market, tell ‘em TV Garth sent you! Don’t chicken out when it’s time to sell your jewelry!

(Black Leadership Commission on AIDS of Detroit, seen on Detroit, MI’s WJBK.)On a serious note, I am glad to see PSAs on TV raising awareness for AIDS.

This commercial was seen on Detroit’s WJBK back in November.

Now that women had the Vibrating Touch, the men needed a new toy!

Enter the Post-T-Vac, which is essentially a new spin on the good old “penis pump.” Couples are interviewed about how the device has improved their sex lives and that’s mixed with scenes like the one above, where the “rejuvenated” couple can play like swingers again.

Last Updated: am, April 8, 2018 Cloudy and chilly again Sunday with highs in the low to mid 40s. Snow wraps up overnight and temperatures fall to the low 30s.

Light rain and rain/snow mix will move into the region later in the afternoon changing over to snow this evening and tonight.

(Be warned, there are some “mature themes” in this recap!

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