Myfaves not updating

After receiving the phone, I had to have it unlocked (it was on Cingular Wireless). and it did as far as calling anyone from my telephone list, but did not display my Faves on the screen.

I talked with a service rep from t-Mobile and he told me I could use the phone and it wouldn't cost me roaming charges, but all calls (including the numbers I had selected for my Faves) would count against my minutes. They have a little pic on the back of the phone that indicates it's compatible with my Faves.

You just have to set up the account with a phone that is my Faves compatible but once that has been done you can switch the sim card to a non my Faves phone and it will work fine.

You won't see any of the symbols on the display of the phone so it won't have any of the visual features but your five my Faves numbers will be listed on your bill and will not count toward the anytime minutes. Help, my PC with Windows 10 won't shut down properly Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won't shut down properly.

(back to top) Simply drag and drop the site to where you want it. While dragging your site, place it on the other tab's title and the site will automatically be added there to the last available place. It's time to add another tab and start adding more bookmarks. This will prompt a small window asking you to name the new tab. This will prompt a small window asking you to edit the new tab.

Click delete in order to proceed with the deletion.

(back to top) Click on an empty box in your My Faves page.

A small window will open, asking you to insert the site's address or URL.

(back to top) When logged in, click the Edit button on the My Faves' right corner.

You will then see a pencil icon on all your fave boxes.

I don't know if it's a sales ploy or what, because the phone I got when I signed up for my plan works with my Faves and there's no picture on the back. but now I'm searching e Bay for a phone that advertises it's my Faves compatible.

Non-my Faves phones WILL WORK (even though most T-Mobile reps will not tell you...).

(back to top) Firefox users: On the Main Menu click on Tools then select Options.

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