Random video sexychat - Myfaves not updating

Either copy and paste the address or type it in (make sure the spelling is right or it will result in an invalid link).

In the second Title box you can write whatever you want - the text you enter here will appear when you hover your mouse on that site's logo.

(back to top) In case you've forgotten your password, don't worry.

You can easily retrieve it by clicking on "Forgot your password? You'll then be asked to provide your email address. In a minute or so All My Faves will send you a new password to your provided email address.

Obviously the \u0022non my faves\u0022 phone would not have the five circles but I wouldn\u0027t care about that.

I am on the t-Mobile my Faves plan and purchased a Razr V3 from e Bay.

Google Chrome users: Click on the Screwdriver icon at the top of your browser and select Options. (back to top) By default, your My Faves page is open to others, as long as they have the full address of your page.

At the Basics section go to On Startup and choose: Open the home page radio button. Internet Explorer User: Click here and follow the on screen instructions. However, if you'd like to be the only one with access to it, here's how to make it super-private: Click on Settings on the upper right corner of your My Faves page, right next to the log out button. Click Submit button and you're all set and secured.

(back to top) Click on an empty box in your My Faves page.

A small window will open, asking you to insert the site's address or URL.

On a related note T-Mobile is taking the opportunity to launch their my Faves service (reminiscent of Alltel's My Circle) which lets customers place calls airtime-free to five folks of their choice, regardless of carrier.

Is the my faves information stored within the t-mobil system and the phone only acts as a way to update the my faves list.

I don't know if it's a sales ploy or what, because the phone I got when I signed up for my plan works with my Faves and there's no picture on the back. but now I'm searching e Bay for a phone that advertises it's my Faves compatible.

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