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February is upon us and if you’re not already sick of all the commercialized hearts in every store window yet, you will be soon!

February is often regarded as the month of LOVE, but we all know that each and every day is an opportunity to express your love to those around you, whether they’re your husband or wife, parents, siblings, or friends.

As it cut shorts the duration of the act, premature ejaculation can wreck havoc on your love life.

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Muslim Style Bloggers Are Gaining a Ton of Fans- As Well as Online Harassers, MIC.

Ayurvedic remedies usually are a combination of various herbs which are known to promote sexual health and general well being of the person.

This is a condition in which there is an involuntary discharge of semen without having an orgasm.

This can lead to distress in many patients and can lead to psychosomatic complaints as it hinders concentration, causes headaches, excessive sweating and giddiness. The herbal remedies available for this problem include Mehamudgar Bati, Swapnadoshhari Bati and Chandraprabha Bati.

The infertility is usually caused due to a sperm count which falls below the fertility level.

People who suffer from oligospermia usually have a large number of sperms non-motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities.

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But before taking any of these medicines an Ayurvedic physician must be consulted with regard to dosage, duration, safeguards dietary supplements and the necessary prescription that is Required before taking any of these ayurvedic medicines to treat sexual problems.

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